In this program, all calculations are done automatically, besides it generates a real dimensional shape of the bar. shape Dimensions demonstrated in the shapes are linked to bar bending data. Any changes in the bar bending data will be reflected in the cutting length, weight of steel and dimension within the demonstrated shape picture.

More than 480 shape codes are used in this program to identify different bend profiles.
Any shape code can be easily found through popup window in the program. So, the Bar Bending Scheduler doesn’t have to worry about remembering shape codes. A Civil Engineer who has a minimum knowledge of MS Excel can handle this program without any training.
All the shape codes used in this program are made exclusively for this program and are not complying with any standard shape codes.

Limitations of Program
1) This program doesn’t have any interface with software like CAD. So, program can't assign BBS directly from computer aided drawings.
2) User cannot add new shape code in addition to the built in shape codes.

Help Notes