‘BBS Program’ - Introduction

This is a Microsoft Excel based program intended for use in the construction industry for preparing the Reinforcement Bar Bending schedule. This software is developed by Mr. Sivaprasad Sreedhara Panicker, Civil Engineer, and it is owned by M/s Bending Schedulers, Kottayam, Kerala, India, PIN-686031.  This program is very helpful for automatically calculating the required cut length of steel bars of different diameters, required in preparing R.C.C.  The program also offers detailed weight summary (diameter wise) for the ease of the users and it illustrates the dimensional shape of the bar.


Please read the terms and conditions of this license agreement carefully before using this program. This End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "EULA") is a contract between the end user who has obtained a valid license to use this specialized program (hereinafter referred to as the “licensee”) and the owners of this software M/s Bending Schedulers, for installation and usage of Bar Bending Schedule Program in Microsoft Excel (hereinafter referred to as “BBS Program”). By copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using the program you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement, do not use the software. Use of any portion of the software will be considered as your acceptance of the terms. With the acceptance it you agree that you will not attempt for any sort of reverse engineering, modification, translation or disassembling of the BBS Program in whole or in part.

Author and the owners grant you the right to use the BBS Program on a computer having a valid and licensed operating system and Microsoft Excel. The license will be provided only in the name of a live company or an organization and provision of license in individual names is conditional and at the sole discretion of the licensor.

Manner of licensing with details of product classification

License for the usage of the ‘BBS Program’ can be obtained on registration of the required details through our website www.BendingSchedule.com. There are two types of license to the ‘BBS Program’

i)                    Standard

ii)                   Premium.

The Standard license will allow unlimited usage to the licensee in 5 systems (whether laptop or Desktop) of the licensee, in the registered country. The Standard license is limited for the use not for the industrial mass production of cutting and bending with the aid of computerized machines. This license is intended for the sole use of the licensee.

The Premium license will allow unlimited and unconditional usage in 30 Systems of the licensee for any number of projects in any country. The Premium license grants you the permission to use it for industrial mass production of mechanised cutting and bending with the aid of computerized machines.

Terms of Payment

The license fee shall be payable on- line through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Account Transfers or otherwise by way of Demand Draft/ Bankers Cheque (in any convertible currency) as may be preferred by the licensor from the payment options selected by the intending licensee at the time of registration of the Order Form. Manner of remittance of the fee and the additional bank charges, if any, in this connection, will be intimated to the licensee on the successful   registration of the order form in our website www.BendingSchedule.com.  

There will not be any refund on any account and the licensor is entitled to reject any such claim without assigning any reason whatsoever.

In this connection, it is advised to try the free version of the program before effecting any payment. Free versions of the ‘BBS Program’ are available in the website www.BendingSchedule.com.

Updating and Renewal

The Author of the software or its owners are not obligated to provide any updates or after sale services to the software. Author and the Owners are free to make any updating in the program and treat it as new software for the purpose of its sale or usage. The licensee will not get any right in the updated version merely because they use the old version(s).

Rights of the Licensee

The license envisaged in this agreement and granted to the licensee is non-exclusive and non-transferable. Licensee shall install and use the Program subject to all the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Limitations as to usage

i) The licensee or their authorised agents alone shall use this software.

ii) The licensee or other user shall not remove or alter the license number or the name of the licensee company.

iii) You must stop using the software in the event the left side footer of the printout generated is blank or is not matching with the name of your company or the license number of this software   highlighted in the bottom footer of printout.

iv) In case the bar bending schedule is prepared by the licensee for their clients, the left side footer of printout should be in the name of licensee.

v) You should not modify or disable any licensing features or control features of the software.

vi) BBS Program’ is licensed and not sold and it is wholly owned by M/s Bending Schedulers.

vii)  The licensee shall not hire, lease, lend or otherwise transfer possession of the program or its right of usage to any body without the written consent of the licensee.

viii) The program has no direct access to the required precision in the physical processes.

ix) The program cannot check by itself, any engineering or safety standards.

Limitations of the program

This program is presently available in English language only. This program doesn’t have any interface with software like CAD and hence it cannot assume bar bending schedules directly from computer aided drawings

Hardware and Software Requirements

A valid and licensed Operating System with Microsoft Excel (not less than Excel 2000 version) is necessary.


The author or the owner of ‘BBS Program’ is not individually or collectively liable for any loss or damages that may arise on account of the usage or misuse of the ‘BBS Program’ including loss of profits or intrinsic values, third party loss, business interruption, information loss or whatsoever. In any case, the maximum liability of the author, owners or its associates is limited to the grant of license of a similar version. Similarly, inability to use the BBS Program or the failure to provide support services, even if author has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Privacy Policy

We will be publishing the details of the ‘BBS Program’ license and its identity in all the reports generated through the program along with name of your company, city, name of country, link to your company website homepage, license number and type of license (Premium or Standard Version) and its date of purchase. However your e-mail id and phone number will be confidential.


Author and the owners expressly disclaim any warranty for the BBS Program. With the acceptance of the terms, the licensee expressly acknowledges and agrees that use of the licensed application is at his/her sole risk. The entire risk as to the quality of the materials, precision, performance, accuracy and its associated effort is with the licensee. BBS Program has made all the possible efforts to ensure that the program is free of bugs and errors. Author or the owners are not guaranteeing the accuracy of the cutting length formula. The minimum structural requirements of reinforcement steel may be checked through an Expert based on the typological and geographical conditions of area and the standard engineering practices and statutory requirements. The minimum length of bends prescribed by the program should be confirmed as per safety standards of bending machine and the author or the owners will not acknowledge or entertain any liability regarding any personal injury or property damages caused in this connection.

Copyright notice

This software is copyright protected and all rights are reserved. Usage of the shape codes outside the scope of this program need prior written permission from the owners.

Governing law; entire agreement

This Software license agreement is governed by the Indian Law. Without prejudice to any other rights, author may terminate this EULA in the event the licensee fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA.

© Copyright 2009 Sivaprasad Sreedhara Panicker. All rights reserved.