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Bar Bending Schedule Program in Microsoft Excel_ Software Help File


This program has two Excel files
1- Working file is the file where you enter the rebar details.
2- Program file is the supporting file to run the macro.

Both files should be opened when preparing BBS
The Program file has two options for manual and machine bending, you have to choose the suitable option depending upon your method of bending. Cutting length formula between manual and machine bending are slightly different because of the variance in radius of bend.


Open the BBS format and BBS Program files. BBS program file will be hidden when activating any other excel file, and Control +Q is the shortcut for view the BBS program file when it is hidden. BBS program file is able to command the working file even it is hidden.
In the BBS format, 16 columns from left side are data entry part and the right of this is the summary of weight. Macro runs automatically immediately after entering the shape code. See BBS Demo file for an overview.


To create shape and cutting length for a range: Control +Q. (Selection should be more than one shape code)
To find shape codes: Control +Q (Selection should be a single cell)
Print options: Control +T


1) Disable Move selection after Enter. Tools > Options > Edit Tab >remove tick mark of move selection after enter
2) Boarder Style in BBS format: Hair Line (most thin line) OR no boarder with Page setup >Sheet > Gridlines
3) Print area setting: Summary located at the right side of detailed BBS. To print the summary as first page, set multiple print area range like S1:AB27,A:Q


Problem: Undo button disabled after running macro Reason: Excel cannot undo anything after running macro Solution: No solution for this problem. Just remember that there is no undo command after running macro.

Problem: VOID displays in Cutting Length cell Reason: Missing some parameters in the data entry. Solution: Ensure the Size of Bar, Number of Bars, Dimensions of shape A,B,C… are entered.

Problem: FALSE displays in Cutting Length cell
Reason: Formula miss-match with shape code due to unexpected actions.
Solution: Once again enter the shape code

Problem: #VALUE! Displays in weight cell or Summary Weight Cell.
Reason: Any one of those Size of Bar, Number of Bar, or Cutting length is a non-numeric.
Solution: Look over any the cutting length displays VOID or FALSE. Ensure the Size of Bar, Number of Bars, Dimensions are numeric value.

Problem: Colour of the cell in the weight column changed to Blue
Reason: Formula missing in that cell
Solution: Copy and paste formula from the above cell.

Problem: Red diagonal boarder appears in the dimension cell
Reason: This dimension not necessary for that shape code. This will happen when you edit the shape code after put up the all dimensions. Example L-bar shape code changed to straight bar shape code
Solution: Manually remove contents and the boarder format.

Problem: Red diagonal boarder appears in the cutting length cell
Reason: Cutting length manually entered before running the macro.
Solution: Remove manual entry and once again enter shape code.

Problem: Pagebreak view changed to normal view after running the macro
Reason: Macro command changes the pagebreak view to normal view to speed up the process.

Problem: Shapes resized after copy paste.
Reason: Row height is less than the required height.
Solution: Once again enter the shape code to fix the row height according to the shape. Alternatively you can run Control +Q command after selecting the affected shape codes.

Problem: BBS Program macro is slow in Excel 2007
Solution: Upgrade to Excel 2010. It has proper speed when using BBS Program. Hiding rows that have shapes can increase some speed.

To select a range of shapes, use the selector (arrow pointer button) in the drawing tool bar.
Do not use arrow keys when a shape is selected, this will displace the shape.

1) No need to remember all shape codes. Only remember commonly used shapes such as straight bar, L bar, U bar, crank bar, ring etc. Rest of the shape codes can be found by filtering through a form by pressing Control Q.
2) Do not worry about missing any dimension and mistake in cutting length or weight. Cutting length displays "VOID" until enter all the required parameters.
3) The program automatically extends format and formula when the entry reaches up to the bottom
4) Description (first column) properly capitalizes when entering data in the next column.
5) Selection automatically moves to the cell where the next entry required.
6) Validation in size of bar prevents from enter any non-standard size of bar
7) While printing, there is option for displaying either the picture or the spread sheet with dimensions.

1) This program doesn’t have any interface with software like CAD. So, program can't assign BBS directly from computer aided drawings.
2) User can't add new shape code in addition to the built in shape codes.